Energy Generation


H2, O2, CH4, NH3

Orbital Farm Energy develops renewable energy and energy storage projects. This can include Solar or BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) to even producing and selling green hydrogen. Additionally we capture and store CO2, produce and manufacture renewable methane, oxygen and ammonia.

The Future is Looking Up!

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The Nexus Between
Energy & Food

Orbital Farm converts energy into food by developing projects to provide products and renewable power to companies and secure steady supply chains to its business partners and customers. With a unique combination of technologies to produce green energy, we're an attractive partner for industrial customers to reduce their risk and save them money and improve their sustainability. We will typically develop energy projects alongside Green industrial facilities such as gas fermentation, carbon capture, H2 generation, Ammonia generation, water treatment, and greenhouses.

Our focus is to enable large energy consuming businesses to transition to sustainable solutions that are good for their bottom line and good for the planet.

Together with our partners we've developed over 100 renewable energy projects in Ontario alone.

Battery Storage for Greenhouses

-15% savings on annual power bill with Zero Cost

By integrating an industrial battery system (BESS) alongside Greenhouses and large manufacturing facilities, businesses can reduce their peak power consumption and significantly reduce their annual cost of energy. We will finance the entire costs and development while passing on savings of 15% per year on the annual power costs on a 20 year Power purchase Agreement. Growers can increase their lighting use to increase yields or keep the direct savings.

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Offer is applicable in Ontario Canada Only, potentially in New York State in the future.

Solar Energy for Greenhouses

Fixed price Sustainable energy with Zero Cost

Greenhouses and large manufacturing businesses can reduce their daytime power consumption and fix their cost of energy for +20 years with the addition of Solar Energy. We will finance the entire costs including development and provide fixed energy costs through Power purchase Agreements to our customers. Growers can increase their power consumption or lighting use to increase yields or reduce their carbon footprint of their operations.

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Offer is applicable in Ontario Canada Only, potentially in New York State in the future.

Solar Energy & Agrivoltaics

Large Scale Sustainable energy with Zero Cost

We develop solar and agrivoltaic projects to produce power and renewable energy for large power consumers through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) over long times (+20 years) We're looking for land owners, and partners to develop renewable energy projects. We develop turn key projects that remove costs for our customers and work with institutional investors to cover the investment needed to finance these sustainable energy projects.

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Offer is applicable anywhere.

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We work to custom design projects with our customers and partners regarding their current energy needs, future forecasted requirements and fuel/feedstock needs.

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We work with our team of engineers, designers, to develop the optimal design options for the project, location and additional opportunities to deliver the products at a rate that is both capital efficient and meets sustainability goals while meeting economic requirements for project funding

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Once the design is design of the project is put together, quoted and contracted, we work with the selected technology partners to deliver, and operate the facility with our partners. This can include turn key operations, over the fence relationships or transfer of assets to the customer.